Courses and events

You can attend free intro sessions to mindfulness or register for upcoming mindfulness courses.

Quick free Intros

Our teachers give an introduction to mindfulness and answer your questions before you join any course. Please register here.

8-week MBSR

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8-week MBCT

Stay tuned for a course to be announced soon.

Monthly free 1-hour online sessions

Stay tuned for a course to be announced soon.

This is the first time I have allowed myself to let go and savor life again in four years.

— Samira, a 21-year-old college student, and a Syrian refugee

The 8-week MBSR program changed my life and set me on a new course and direction of growth and fulfillment. My relationships with family and at work changed to the better. I never anticipated such drastic and welcome developments.

— Gaith, husband and father, 45 years of age.

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